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Materials Used

Trade Time toolbags use only the highest quality materials to manufacture toolbags designed for professional use. Specifications for the components used are as follows:


  • Nickel plated tubular rivets used in all bags.


  • The webbing used on all tradesperson bags is the same nylon webbing used for truck tie-down straps.
  • The material is specially heat shrunk to form a very strong and durable webbing.


  • Nylon bonded
  • Top Brand
  • Recognised as being one of the strongest threads available.


  • Quality quick-release buckles are used on our webbing belts
  • Double-tongue buckles on leather belts are all 50mm wide.

Styling -All bags use a tunnel design for the following reasons:

  • It is very easy to add or remove accessories.
  • Able to easily slide the bag along the belt to provide the most comfortable work position.
  • The seams are on the inside and this results in a bag which is comfortable for hand access.


  • Full grain and corrected grain leather used (not split hide)
  • Similar to the leather used on work boots etc.
  • This is a huge improvement on split leather.
  • Assorted leathers used.
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